If this request is already part of a dialog, the proxy SHOULD insert a Record-Route header field value if it wishes to remain on the path of future requests in the dialog. Thus, the following are equivalent: Each proxy can independently decide to receive subsequent messages, and those messages will pass through all proxies that elect to receive it. Before forwarding the request, the atlanta. Implementations MUST be able to process multiple header field rows with the same name in any combination of the single-value-per-line or comma-separated value forms. Montrer les posts depuis

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If the ordered set is exhausted, the request cannot be forwarded to this element in the target set. Outils du forum Marquer ce forum comme lu Voir le forum parent Recherche dans ce forum Afficher Montrer les posts. Including these header fields allows the UAC to determine the features and extensions supported by the UAS for the duration of the call, without probing. A stateless proxy forwards every request it receives downstream and every response it receives upstream. The same request has arrived at the UAS more than once, following different paths, most likely due to forking. Note that the registrar and proxy server are logical roles that can be played by a single device in a network; for purposes of Rosenberg, et.

This example contains a minimum required set. A logical entity that does not maintain the client or server transaction state machines defined in this specification when it processes requests. RFC did not mandate mirroring of the Record-Route header field in a 1xx, only 2xx. Registration on behalf of a particular address-of-record can be performed by a suitably authorized third party. The local sequence number MUST be empty. If the request does not initiate a dialog, the endpoints will ignore the value.


All responses MAY include a body.

Many existing header fields will scrippt to the general form of a value followed by a semi-colon separated scrit of parameter-name, parameter-value pairs: If the user is already a member of the session, and the session parameters contained in the session description have not changed, the UAS MAY silently accept the INVITE that is, send a 2xx response without prompting the user.

To prevent cancellation, the UAS MUST send a non provisional response at every minute, to handle the possibility of lost provisional responses.

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Discussions dans le forum. Once the ACK has been constructed, the procedures of scripy are used to determine the destination address, port and transport.

A call is an informal term that refers to some communication between peers, generally set up for the purposes of a multimedia conversation. Concretely, conractsay above rules specify two exchanges for UAs compliant to this specification sript – the offer is in the INVITE, and the answer in the 2xx and possibly in a 1xx as well, with scritp same valueor the offer is in the 2xx, and the answer is in the ACK.

A multimedia conference is an example of a multimedia session. A proxy that receives requests from a client, even though it may not be the server resolved by the Request-URI. Similarly, the same software can act as a proxy server for one request and as a redirect server for the next request. The proxy core collects the responses from the client transactions and uses them to send responses to the server transaction. Furthermore, the transport value in the Via header field is set to whatever transport was determined for the target server.

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The third layer is the transaction layer. The proxy server consults a database, generically called a location service, that contains the current IP address of Bob. Assuming these processing states are completed without generating a response, the UAS core performs the additional processing steps: Session Initiation Protocol June Upstream: This rules out stateless registrars, for example. The method MUST match that of the request.


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The transaction layer performs its processing and then passes the response up to the TU. Scdipt reasons for this special handling for INVITE will be discussed later, but relate to the reliability mechanisms in SIP, the length of time it can take for a ringing phone to be answered, and forking.

script contactsay

Bob’s SIP phone indicates this in a Ringing response, which is routed back through the two proxies in the reverse direction. For that target, the replacement above is effectively a no-op.

However, these will not be delivered reliably. The request has either looped or is legitimately spiraling through the element.

When comparing header fields, field names are always case- insensitive.

All 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and 6xx responses are final. The method is the primary function that a request is meant to invoke on a server. If the first element in the route set indicated a strict router resulting in forming the request as described in Section Proxies are also useful for enforcing policy for example, making sure a user is allowed to make xontactsay call.

The offer indicates the desired communications means audio, video, gamesparameters of those means such as codec types and addresses for receiving media from the answerer.